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Conserving Water With Irrigation

Water is a limited resource. Conserving water saves energy and is an important factor for the environment. Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn requires a lot of water usage, especially during the summer heat. It’s crucial to know the best and most effective ways to water your lawn. We truly believe investing in an irrigation system is a great way to conserve water and yet still give your lawn the right amount of water it needs.

So, what if you don’t know anything about irrigation? Well, let us explain the basics. Drip irrigation and MPR (Matched Precipitation Rate) nozzles are the best types of irrigation for water conservation. Drip irrigation is a micro-irrigation system that drips water slowly into the root of the plants. This system is either placed about the soil surface or buried below it. The goal of this system is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation. Drip irrigation systems can potentially use 30-50% less water than standard water systems. An MPR nozzle simplifies the design process by allowing different sprinklers with various arcs and radii to be mixed on the same circuit. The main purpose of an MPR nozzle is to prevent wasteful runoff while guaranteeing the uniform application of water over the designated area.

Although choosing the right irrigation system is important, there’s more to it. Picking the right time to water your plants is also crucial. Living in Texas during the summer means there’s a constant blazing heat day and night but we do advise to always water in the morning. Watering in the morning allows more water to reach the root before it evaporates in the heat. If it’s not possible to water in the morning, then water in the evening before bed. We also advise to not water during windy days because the wind also causes water to evaporate quicker.

Here at Complete Landscapes, we can help you find the best irrigation system for your lawn! We use manufacturing parts from companies such as Rainbird and Hunter. Our licensed irrigators also have experience working with smart irrigation systems such as Banyan Water, Weathermatic, and HydroPoint. Our goal will always be to provide the best care for your lawn, and we hope this blog was able to give you some insight!

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